Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cassie's Wedding Tree

A while back, I told Cassie I'd like to help her with her wedding stationary or anything she needed help with before the big day.  I was thrilled to work on the bridal shower invitations, especially since I couldn't make it up to Minneapolis due to attending Kappa Convention in Florida.  One thing Cassie wanted was a wedding tree at the guest book table (where people stamp their fingerprint as a "leaf" on the tree).  It seemed easy enough, so I agreed to make it.  Finding a tree vector image was actually pretty fun, and then last night I put it all together.  I've spent the last few weeks researching the best way to print the image, but after LOTS of research (and dumb-sounding phone calls), I finally found the best way to print it.  One of the scrapbook stores in town offers color printing and copying of 12x12-inch scrapbook pages (and they use good paper and ink so the image doesn't fade).  So, I designed the wedding tree to fit a 12x12-inch page.

Then, I went to Michael's last night to find a frame for the wedding tree (hello, last minute...), only to learn that all the 12x12-inch frames are ugly.  I was going to opt for a rectangular frame and then have a matte made for it, but the matte would take 10 days to get...which means I wouldn't be able to give it to Cassie this weekend.  And then, I had a brilliant revelation.  When I went to bed, I casually looked up at the art I have above my bed.  It's our monogram...and it's in a giant frame from IKEA that conveniently has a 12x12-inch opening (it's actually a bit smaller than that to allow for some overlap with the matte, but it's pretty darn close).  So, I'm saved (as long as the Minneapolis IKEA store has the frames).

Here's the artwork.

Cassie's Wedding Tree

And here's the frame I plan to use.

IKEA Ribba frame

I'll take a photo later of what the combo looks like together.

Last night, I also finished the prototype for Cassie's wedding programs.  I plan to round the corners and print them on ivory cardstock, but this is the general concept for them.  Also, don't point out how I put the year as 2013...I already know.  I'm working on all 2013 stories now, so I think it's 2013.  I've made the edits (now that the prototypes are already printed). Once Cassie has her ceremony order decided, I'll add the order of events on to the front of the fan.  The wedding party is listed on the back.

Front of Cassie's wedding program fans (artistic photo version)

Front and back of Cassie's wedding program fans (boring photo version)

And here's the inspirational artwork above my bed. 

IKEA frames and DIY artwork
And now, I'm off to drop off materials with my builder downtown, print the wedding tree at the scrapbook store in Ankeny, and then drive to Minneapolis...

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