Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kalli's Baby Shower Invite

I've been working on Kalli's baby shower invites for the past couple of weeks.  I think working on Emily's nursery inspired the bright color palette.  I really like how they turned out.  What do you think?  They're printing as I type this (or at least I just uploaded them to be printed).  Hopefully, they'll arrive by Tuesday next week, and be in the mail on Wednesday. 

Now the real work starts:  planning the details for the shower.  The family baby shower is from 11-1, and then the open house for the community is from 1-3.  Below are some inspiration images I have for the feel of her shower.  We'll see how well they translate when they're actually executed.  I'm going with a white overall feel, and then using balloons, honeycomb balls, tissue poms, and circle paper garland to tie in the circle theme.  It might be fun to have some gumballs and candy buttons on the tables.  Also, I have a major crush on Amy Atlas, which is where I found my inspiration.  Maybe I'll be the next Amy Atlas....


Monday, February 25, 2013

Dancing The Night Away

This past weekend was Josh's Law Prom.  I honestly haven't really been excited about dressing up for a party since I was in college, so I was a little surprised about how much I looked forward to Saturday.  The whole weekend was amazing.  Josh and I met up with his sister and her husband for dinner on Friday night.  Saturday we had lunch with one of our groomsmen.  And Saturday night was Law Prom.  We started the night off with dinner at Graze, then hopped on a party bus to pass the time before the party.  The night was a blast.  We ate, danced, and mingled.  I'm so glad we had a wonderful weekend and I look forward to more wonderful weekends.

Married to almost lawyers...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Yummy Treat Day!

Sophie would like to wish everyone well on today.  She cleverly coined today Yummy Treat Day.  She's a smart one, that Sophie...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kappa Weekend

This past weekend was the 2013 Zeta Province Meeting for Kappa Kappa Gamma in Lawrence, Kansas.  Jessica and I drove over to Lawrence after work on Friday and spent the weekend with four chapter officers from Iowa State, as well as a couple of hundred other women from chapters from Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.  We had the opportunity to network with other chapter members, advisers, and alumnae.  Also, our Province had the honor of hosting Fraternity president, Julie Leshay, at our meeting.  I've admired her since she spoke at Convention this past summer (read about Convention here and here), so seeing her up close and attending a seminar she hosted was quite the experience.  I love listening to her speak.  I swear she has the same voice as Ethel, Lucy's neighbor on I love Lucy.  She's classy, smart and poised.  I hope I'm as cool as Julie one day. 

During the Candelight Banquet and awards ceremony, our chapter received the Jane Froman Philanthropy Award, and the Ames Alumnae Association received honorable mention for the Tradition of Leadership Award.  Kudos to Jessica who is the philanthropy adviser and also president of the Ames Alumnae Association.  It's nice to see her hard work recognized and awarded.

my favorite college sweatshirt

our fabulous chapter leaders and advisers

it's so great to share these moments with a good friend!

imagine running into you!

oh, hey, Julie!

my favorite dinner

I love advising these girls!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Farmhouse Kitchen Design

I'm working on a freelance project for a friend, and spent tonight researching light fixtures and then got sucked into kitchen land (imagine that).  Below is a glimpse into what I'm planning.  It's a forever home in the country with many of years of use in the future.  The materials I've chosen so far are super durable and embody timeless style.  Let's hope she loves it as much as I do!  Sidenote:  I'm still new at this whole Polyvore thing.  I'll get it mastered at some point...

Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Boy Nursery Prep

Emily is due to have a baby on March 30 (that's in less than two months, folks).  In preparation for Baby Nelson, I went up to Minneapolis to help her with the nursery.  It was glorious.  I had a blast and I'm so happy I got to help out.  Here's a video of Baby Nelson kicking me.  I was more than amused.  Please ignore my video skills.  This clip is really just for audio purposes only.  Feeling the little guy move was quite amusing.  And I love hearing Emily's laugh.  Also, Emily, if you're reading this, I'm sorry if I hurt you while trying to make the baby play with me.  I promise this will be the last time I do it.

I took a few photos while I was up there.  For your viewing pleasure, they are below.

Happy momma!

Only during pregnancy is it acceptable for me to do this to my friends.

I love this little nugget already!

Welcomed to Minneapolis with a little snowstorm.
Here's a fancy Polyvore board of what Baby Nelson's nursery will feel like when it's done.  Some of the product is actual...some of it is inspirational.  Either way, this baby is going to be loved and have a sweet nursery (made with lots of love).

Baby Boy Nursery