Sunday, September 15, 2013

fab finds: day designer

I have the pleasure of advising my sorority at Iowa State.  One thing I love about advising is learning about new things.  I'm constantly amazed at how talented, smart, and stylish the women are.  For instance, a couple of weeks back, I was introduced to the most amazing planners I've ever seen.  I'm a huge planner geek.  I used to love it when Barnes & Noble would put out their calendars for the next year in July.  While I've strayed away from the paper planner for the efficiency of my iPhone, I still miss the tangible planner with its pages of promise (and room to scribble to-do lists).  So, when Allison showed me her amazing new Whitney English Day Designer, I knew I needed one, too.  Between the daily inspirational quote and the luxe weight ecru paper, I'm sold.  I've put it on my birthday/Christmas list and am keeping my fingers crossed!