Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Front Porch Makeover

After I get done with a photo shoot, I'm always inspired to do something to love my home even more.  After sprucing up my mom's front porch, I felt inclined to make my own front porch look better.  Every year, I plant flowers.  But this year, I decided to take it a little further.

In an effort to enjoy my outdoor space more, I bought some outdoor furniture.  Every year, Josh and I say we're going to buy furniture when it goes on sale.  And for the past five years, we've forgotten to buy the furniture when it goes on sale.  So, I convinced him to let me buy some reasonably priced furniture.  Tonight, I was working late at Lowe's, and stopped by the outdoor furniture department while on my way to the checkout counter when I spotted the perfect furniture set.  I was hoping Josh would also love it, so I set it up outside before I even walked in the house.  Josh agrees with me that it's pretty fabulous.

The flowers are beautiful.  The furniture is perfect.  Now, all I need is a footrest, a new rug for the front door, and maybe a keg full of Crispin.



After with flowers

I love a planter full of flowers!

Beautiful planters!

...And my first garden!
New outdoor furniture
Enjoying a cool beverage on a hot night.
Sophie also enjoys sitting on the front porch.
Also, I can now officially cross off one thing off my 30 Before 30 list!  I planted my first garden with some plants from the farmers market and a few from Lowe's.  It consists of two tomato plants, one basil, one strawberry, one cilantro, one mint, and four broccoli plants.  I also threw in two flower plants on the front corners for color.  I'll add the tomato cages in a couple of weeks.  I can't wait to watch them grow over the next few months and eat the fruits of my I sit in my chair and enjoy a little bit of nature.

Orange Blossom Tomato






Rose Tomato

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  1. I think you can call it now a cozy porch. :) Thanks to the flowers and the rest of the things that filled the space! But I’m sure it will look better if you’ll put cushions on your chairs. Vibrant prints would surely bring some life to it. You can stick to floral though. ;)