Sunday, November 25, 2012

2012 Christmas Card

I love Christmas cards.  I love designing and mailing them, and I love receiving them.  It's so fun to have all of them displayed.  While I don't have a plan of attack on the card display yet this year (I'll figure out that later), I do have my Christmas card designed and sent to the printer.  I downloaded the chevron background for free here.  I used my favorite fonts:  Lavanderia and Century Gothic.  And I had to incorporate grey because I love it very much...and then sprinkled in a little lime.  We didn't have time to get Christmas photos taken this year, so I used one from our shoot last year with Amanda from APL Photography on the front.  The back of the card has photos I've taken over the year on Instagram.  Sophie wrote the letter on the back (I simply transcribed it for her since it's difficult for her to type).  I'm using to print them.  I've used them a lot over the past few years and am always happy with their work.

So, check that off the holiday to-do list.  Now I just have to wrangle up all my addresses...and go to Costco to purchase stamps.

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